The feature of cement screw conveyor


Cement screw conveyor is mainly used in concrete mixing station for conveying cement, fly ash and other powdered, small granular objects,Cement screw conveyors provide a wide range of solutions for cement dosing and conveying in concrete batching plants,It is usually composed of a tube that contains a rotating helical blade wound about an axis, with one end driven and the other end fixed at the other end.The main components also include feed and discharge chutes and drives. In addition, the cement screw conveyor is also widely used in concrete mixing, bulk materials transport warehouses and other industries granular and powder materials tilt.
1.The use of high-strength wear-resistant steel, smooth surface of the spiral continuous spiral to ensure the uniformity and stability of the delivery of materials to ensure the repeatability of material measurement.
2. Continuous spiral blade cold-rolled surface hardening treatment, hardness and wear resistance twice as high as ordinary blades, outer edge hardness HB240.
3.Spiral shaft spacing set the middle suspension bearing a certain distance, so that before and after the gap between the blades smaller, the maximum cross-section of the material flow through the material flow smoothly.

4.Before and after the spiral blade with loose loose pitch, which can effectively prevent the blockage, at the same time, high-precision production to ensure that the material is full of shell.
5.Conveyor material available carbon steel or stainless steel, easy installation and maintenance, easy to replace parts Impact structure Small screw diameter, high speed, to maintain high-capacity
6. Good sealing, the shell made of seamless steel pipe, there is no waste of material phenomena, but also created a good working environment, the end of the flange connected to one another, good rigidity,
7.Fully enclosed structure, does not pollute the environment, improve the working environment.
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