How to Install Buckets and Driving Unit in the Cement Plate Chain Bucket Elevator


Cement plate chain bucket elevator is a new bucket elevator which use plate chain for traction,smooth transmission,low failure rate.According to many years on-site installation experience,now PK Machinery introduce the installation of hopper and drive device in the NE bucket elevator.

1.Installation of bucket
When installating the hopper,choose a mounting point in the feed end and discharge end,this can maintain a relative balance,and the installation progress is faster.The bolts which connect with the chain and hopper must have a relaxing facilities,typically add spring washer or with double nut lock,but the effect is not ideal.Many users reflect that the buckets are often damaged by loose nut, seriously even the chain is broken.We lock the nut and spot welding to lock the bolt and nut.After all buckets are installed, 
turn plate chain bucket with the hand a round for normal operation.

2.Installation of driving unit
Due to the loading,unloading and long distance transportation,the coaxiality between motor and reducer may change.Before installation, need to check the axial-radial displacement (tolerance < 0.2 mm) and the angular displacement (tolerance < 30') between motor and reducer,and the axial clearance (should be 2 a 3 mm) between electrical and hydraulic coupling,and you have to check the motor rotation direction. After check, install the driver device, cover the shield.Then check and confirm that all technical requirements are qualified, clean up the installation site, ready to test run.
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