The Professional Installation Technology Of Trommel Screen


 As the main equipment, the trommel screen plays an important role in the construction of national infrastructure.The development of national infrastructure drives the boom of the trommel screen market,while the development of trommel screen also drives the development of national infrastructure.The main structure of trommel screen (cylinder rotary screen) is the sieve drum, it is composed of a number of circular shape mesh, and the whole is inclined to the ground plane,the outer is sealed to prevent environmental pollution.The sieve drum rotates through variable speed reducer system under a certain speed rotation, the material is separated from the bottom by the sieve drum, the thin material is discharged from the bottom of the sieve, and the coarse material is expelled from the bottom of the sieve.Trommel screen (cylinder rotary screen) can be equipped with comb clear screen, in the process of screening, it can comb through the sieve mechanism and relative movement of sieve cylinder, reached on screen cleaning effect, make the sieve tube in stay dry throughout the whole process, not sticky, not stuck, does not affect the sieving effect.
roller-of-trommel-screenHave you understood the trommel screen installation steps? Let's take a look at below.
1.Embedded steel plate.Before installation, the steel plate shall be pre-buried according to the requirements of the equipment installation diagram, and the upper plane of the embedded steel plate shall be located on the same plane.Pre-buried steel plates of installation and foot bolts are provided by the installation company.
2.Screen box installation.According to the location of the feeding port and outlet of the equipment, the installation position of the screen shall be determined.
3.Install the foundation support.The trommel screen box is mounted on the base bracket through the lifting, and the trommel screen installation angle is adjusted to the design angle, and the final welding is done.
4.Connect inlet and outlet.
5.The sealing plate in the lower bracket of the trommel screen.
6.Use the hand to turn the drum of the trommel screen not to have the resistance too large or the stuck phenomenon, otherwise should check the cause to adjust in time.
7.After the trommel screen are shipped out of the factory, if it is not installed after more than 6 months, the bearing of the large shaft must be removed and cleaned before installation, and the new grease (lithium 2 base grease) will be injected.
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