The Quality Inspection Acceptance Notice of Scraper Conveyor


Do you know the quality inspection acceptance notice of scraper conveyor? Here, Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltdanswersfor you.
1.The accumulative error of conveyor chain lengthshould be 0-0.25% of test length.
2.The welding of scraper and connecting rod is not allowed to have a crack,slag inclusion,without welding,such as lack of penetration defects,weld groove shall comply with the terms of GB985.After welding, insulation needs to take measures,annealing,eliminate the welding stress;the weld strength is not less than 400 mpa.
3.The wear-resistingguide rail of buried scraper conveyor and floor uses plug welding,the both side of the guide railuses the discontinuous welding,to ensure the guide rail welding fastnessand reliability.

4.Scraper conveyor machine seal is good,material in the process of delivery shall not be leakage, discharging mouth no jam phenomenon.The whole machine adopts the double seal method.The rotation of the head and tail position adopts adjustable packing seal, in order to prevent the dust leakage and guarantee the machine has good sealing performance.Buried scraper conveyor casing external allows water to rinse.
5.When buried scraper conveyer load running, the biggest noise sound level shall not exceed 85 db (A)around 1 m of the scraper.
6.Need to have multiple access clean mouth.
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