The Reason and Countermeasure of Chain Scraper Conveyor Breaking Chain


In order to improve the utilization rate of the chain scraper conveyor, chain scraper conveyor is often used in coal mining and it's basically full load,after a long time it will have a bad effect on the equipment,for example,its sprocket will wear out,the link ring can also be pulled off, causing the chain scraper conveyor to be unable to run normally.
Of course, it's not entirely factor that causing the chain scraper conveyor not work,the scraper chain is suddenly stuck by steel material in coal,or misplace at the chute, which can have the same effect;or when the chain scraper conveyor is at the installation stage, the elastic of the scraper chain is not adjusted.
About the reason of chain scraper conveyor breaking chain,in order to ensure the normal and safe operation of the chain scraper conveyor,it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of scraper chain and take corresponding management measures.
On one hand, the chain wheel should be adjusted in time to make its wheel teeth symmetrical.When the wear degree of the two chains is inconsistent,replace the two chains to balance the two chains, and the two chains are not inclined in the running.

On the other hand,the hydraulic coupling must be used in the chain scraper conveyor to reduce the impact load of the chain.After using the plate chain for a period of time, it can be removed and turn 90 ° continue to use,changing the position of the horizontal scraper chain and the vertical scraper chain,and extending the service life of the chain by changing its wear part.
Also, it is necessary to prevent the scraper conveyor's scraper chain too tight,too loose;when the machine runs, it must be flat and straight, avoiding sharp bend;the bottom of its chute should not have the floating coal,if it has some floating coal,clean it in time to reduce the drag of the scraper chain in operation. 
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