The reasons and solutions of material blocking in screw conveyor


Screw conveyor can transport particles, powders and small pieces of material,etc. There are many types of transport,such as horizontal transport,inclined transport, vertical transport, etc. The transport distance range from two to seventy meters,there will happen many failures if the transport process is improper or no pay attention to maintenance,blocking material is one of the most common failure.Why is blocking material happened?How to solve this problem?
The most easily cause blockage failure reason is that the operator is not operating strictly according to the operating specifications,the operator must start without load and the feed must be uniform.When unload running, the conveyor must be stop and can’t unloading running,in order to uniform feeding,it also can install with a vibrating feeder,in the feeding process, if suddenly feeding much material,it also easy to produce blocking material, and increase the wear of the conveyor, so in the feeding process to be gradually increased, and slowly reach the rated transport capacity.
When selecting pipe screw conveyor, it is necessary to consider the conveying material, the conveying capacity, the rotation speed of the conveyor, the motor power,etc. If the selected conveyor and the material to be conveyed do not match the effect achieved,it is easy to cause the conveyor happen to blocking problems,therefore, when selecting the conveyor, it is necessary to carefully consider,to select proper model to achieve a matching effect with material.
When the screw conveyor finishes conveying the material, there must be impurities in the housing,if the necessary cleaning is not performed,it will cause the remaining large impurities or fiber impurities to cause blocking,therefore, in order to reduce the occurrence of blockage, the inside of the machine should be cleaned when conveying finished.
Screw feeder conveyor bearings are the most susceptible to blockage problems,therefore, the lateral dimensions of the suspension bearings should be minimized to reduce the occurrence of blockage failures.
In addition to the above methods, it is also possible to install bin levelers and blocking sensors to achieve automatic control and alarms,to increase the outlet or lengthen the end of the tank, which can effectively solve the problem of poor discharge,at the same,it can install a small section of anti-rotation screw blade at the end of the feed chute. All of these can effectively prevent the blocking of the end.
If a tube screw conveyor is used, a clearing door can be added at the discharge end so that once the material is blocked, the door can be opened and the material can be cleaned.
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