The requirements of conveying material for scraper conveyor


Scraper chain conveyor is a continuous transmission equipment, with the help of the movement of the scraper chain which is consist in the closed casings, used to transport powder materials, granular materials, massive material and other bulk material under the acting force of bulk material internal friction and side pressure characteristics. When the material is transported, it is mainly buried under the scraper, there will be no fly dust during the work and the environment pollution is avoided. Scraper conveyor machine is widely used in ports, grain depots, oil, flour, alcohol, brewing, feedstuff, chemical and other industries,
As we know, for conveying equipment, due to the different places of application, the transported materials by the equipment will also be different. So what are the requirements for the materials transported by the buried scraper conveyor?
Materials that the buried chain conveyor machine could deliver as the following:
1.Bulk density of materials: 0.1-2.5 tons / cubic meter;
2.The requirement for material temperature of the general En-masse conveyor is less than 100 °C; for the heat-resistant embedded scraper conveyor the maximum temperature can reach 650-800 °C when conveying materials.
3.Humidity: mainly refers to the moisture content in the material, and the moisture content is related to the particle size and viscosity of the material. Too much viscosity is easy to cause the blockage of the conveyor during work. Therefore, the requirement of humidity for the buried scraper conveying equipment is: clench the materials into group, and then sprinkle, it can still be incompact, that is ok.

4.Generally speaking, the maximum horizontal conveying length of the buried drag chain conveyor is 80-120m, and the vertical lifting transportation height is about 20-30m.
5.the material that the scraper conveyor could transporting: Ammonium Chloride, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Urea, Phosphate Ore, Pyrite Concentrate, Pyrite Sintered Slag, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Sulfite, PVC Powder, Synthetic Fertilizers, Activated Carbon, Graphite, Synthetic Detergent, Coke Powder, Pulverized Coal, Coal Powder, Salt, Soda Ash, Petroleum Coke, Carbonate Calcium, Sodium Sulfate Decahydrate, Limestone and so on.
It is important to note that, for larger particle size materials, whose abrasiveness is also very large, and some especially hard objects can not conveying by the buried scraper conveyor.
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