The requirements of conveying materials for screw conveyor


The screw conveyor has a specification for material transport. What should we pay attention to screw conveyor when transporting some special material?
Screw conveyor is a kind of conveying equipment widely used in minerals,feed,grain and oil,and construction industry,and plays a very important role in the construction of edible material and engineering.Therefor,for the choice of equipment,it should be considered again. High-quality screw conveyor requirements for conveying materials,powder,granular and small pieces of material,such as:cement,pulverized coal,food,fertilizer,ash,sand,etc, the material temperature must not exceed 200℃.
Screw conveyor auger should not be transported deteriorating, highly viscous easily agglomerated material. Because these materials will stick to a screw on the conveyor, and will rotate with it without moving forward, or form a stagnant material at the hanging bearing so that the screw machine can not work. The work environment of the screw machine should be between -20°C and 50°C, allowing for slight tilting, and the maximum tilt angle must not exceed 45°C. The Auger Conveyor, also known as ‘Screw Conveyor’, is an efficient mining conveyor and has an important position in the field of environmental protection.
Prior to the operation of the screw conveyor feeder, it is necessary to first confirm that the screw conveyor equipment, personnel, and the conveyed goods are all in a safe and sound state; secondly, check that all moving parts are normally free from foreign matter, check whether all the electric lines are normal, and only then can the belt conveyor be normal. put into service. Finally, check that the difference between the supply voltage and the rated voltage of the equipment does not exceed ±5%.
In general, ordinary screw conveyors are not suitable for the transport of contaminated, explosive, toxic or corrosive materials. If you need to transport these special materials, please contact PK Machinery,  we will advise you to adopt special safety measures for transportation.
Screw conveyors need to be rationally arranged according to the requirements of use and the production site. During the layout, there must be channels and appropriate space locations for refueling, maintenance and installation. Due to the limited conveyor length of the screw conveyor and the fact that it is not free to bend and transport, it is necessary to combine several units to form a transmission line.
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