The Requirements of Operating Buried Scraper Chain Conveyor Safely


Buried scraper chain conveyor is a kind of bulk material conveying equipment, which consists of head section with driving device, middle casing, tail section, tension device, as well as scraper chains etc. Operating it safely is very important for customer, this article will introduce the requirements of operating buried scraper conveyor safely:
1.In order to avoid blocking material and causing a damage to the motor which caused by motor start with heavy load, we should start the scraper conveyor first, then load material into it. We must ensure the scraper chain conveyor start without loads and avoid starting forcibly.
2.We should handling the failure and inspect the machine after stopping strictly. There should hang a warning plate with “Repair In Progress, NO Starting” at the switches after stopping. Prohibit cleaning the scraper chain conveyor during operating.
3.Prohibit loading big blocks or gangue into the trough during operating to avoid getting stuck the scraper chain or causing accident.

scraper chain conveyor
4.According to the regulation, we should install the protective railings or cover for the rotating or transmission part,and install the guard board at the tail of the conveyor.
5.We should check the tightness degree of the scraper chain and running condition of the reducer during operation, also should check the temperature of the motor and bearing timely. Should stop and inspect it once found there are phenomenon of scraper chain bouncing, reducer sound abnormal, motor and reducer are overheating, etc.
6.Try to stop the scraper conveyor machine without load. The material in the trough should be clean before stopping, should not run without load for a long time.
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