The Solution to Rotary Vibration Sieve Slow Material Discharging


1. Check whether the rotary vibrating screen sieve mesh and impurity removal outlet is level or if it is over height, normally it should be about 5mm higher, the discharging outlet design is different according to different material types.
2. During operation, check whether the screen mesh surface or the discharging outlets are in the level state, this will directly affect the sieving effect. If it is not level, please adjust timely. Rotary vibration sieve will be equipped with supporting foundation bolt before leaving factory, customers can adjust the rotary vibrating sieve in the level or lower it properly by adjusting the foundation bolt.
3.Besides, the key point is to adjust vibration motor upper and lower eccentric block angle, smaller angle can make the material distribute and spread outwards fast, on the contrary, larger angle will make it slow. The eccentric block vibration motor angle adjustment should be around 5 degrees, if you have strict requirements on screening accuracy, the angle should not be too small, otherwise the material will spread outward quickly which is not good to the screening effect. Normally, the angle is 45 degrees when rotary vibro sifer leaving factory.
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