The Use Notes of Sidewall Conveyor Belt


Sidewall conveyor belt is widely used in material handling industry. It has a lot of advantage, higher transportation capacity, the material is not easy to leak, slide prevention etc, it is welcomed by the masses of customers.
So what are the use notes of sidewall conveyor belt in the process of using ?Here,Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd answers for you.
1.It is strictly prohibited to use different belt together.
2.The transport direction of the material and the dropping speed of material should be consistent with the direction and speed of belt conveyor.
3.Empty machine start, in order to avoid motor overload and large angle conveyor belt skid, before shutdown, all material should be unloaded.
4.When using corrugated sidewall conveyor belt, you should prevent folding and hard objects pressing, it should be curly used and preservation.
5.Sidewall conveyor belt tension should not be too big, should guarantee that it is used under the minimum tension.
6.In the using of sidewall conveyor belt, if there is a sliding or pulling up phenomenon, you should timely troubleshooting, adjust the tension system, keep the elastic device is flexible.
7.If the belt is running deviation or sinusoidally, you should adjust it timely.
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