Three Methods of Protecting Belt Conveyor Impact Roller


Belt conveyor impact roller is installed in materials loading zone, which can reduce the impact to the conveyor belt generating from the feeding materials. Impact idler is mainly designed to used in corrosive circumstance, such as coal washing plant, coking plant, chemical plant, etc. It has the features of corrosion resistance, anti-static property and light weight.

Three methods can be applied to protect belt conveyor impact roller:

1. Temperature protection for belt conveyor buffer roller

If the friction between conveyor pulley and conveyor belt generating heat which exceed the limited temperature, the heat detector device installed closely to conveyor pulley will send out a temperature signal. After three seconds delay, the receiver executes segmental actions to cut off the power supply to the drive motor, the belt conveyor will be shut down . Then the temperature protection of the belt conveyor can be achieved.

belt conveyor impact roller fabricated by Henan PK mining machinery industry

2. Speed protection for belt conveyor absorber roller

When the belt conveyor malfunctions, such as motor burnout, mechanical drive part damage, conveyor belt or chain fracture, belt slip,etc, if the emergency shutdown switch can't function correctly, the speed detector device will work after a certain time delay, cutting off the power supply to the electric motor to avoid the expansion of the accident.

3. Coal level protection for conveyor belt carrying roller

Two coal level electrodes are set up in the coal bunker, including high level and low level. In the condition that the coal bunker cannot release, the coal level will rises gradually. If rising up to the high electrode, the coal level protective action will start to shut the belt conveyor down. Each belt conveyor will stop working one by one from the fist to the last due to the conveyor tail section coal stacking.
belt conveyor impact roller fabricated by Henan PK mining machinery industry

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