Tips to Solve Rotary Vibrating Screen Start-up Failure


As a fine sieving machine, rotary vibrating screen is well received by the majority of users. However, in the operation process of rotary vibration sieve, it can not operate normally due to various reasons, which brings trouble for the users, Here PK Machinery will list some tips to solve this failure:
1.The voltage and frequency of round vibration sieve should be confirmed by client, which is a three-phase power supply;
2. Motor is damaged and we need to replace the motor;
3. Control line of electrical components in the circuit is damaged, we need to replace the electrical components;
4. If the voltage is insufficient, it can be solved by changing the power supply;
5. The is too much rotary vibration screen separator surface material accumulation, we need to clean up the screen material;
6. Vibrator failure occurs, we can repair vibrator by troubleshooting;

7. Grease inside the vibrator is thickening and caking, we need to clean vibrator, replace and add suitable grease.
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