Transport Efficiency of Belt Conveyor


Belt Conveyor is a continuous conveyor, which is one of the main types of fixed or mobile crane transporter; it is characterized by the continuous material transport between loading point to loading point. In the industry, agriculture, transportation and other industries, the continuous conveyor machine is indispensable part at the production process to form pipeline transmission line, so the importance of belt conveyor can be imagined.

/the-mine-is-on-the-site-of-conveyor-beltAs an important part of the pipeline transportation, transporting efficiency of belt conveyor is essential, there are many influencing factors; today we discuss the relationship between belt conveyor tension and transport efficiency.
Is the tension of the conveyor belt machine related to the conveying efficiency? How can we maintain the tension of the belt conveyor?
How to maintain the tension of conveyor belt system?
As widely used continuous transport equipment, with the increase in productivity requirements, belt transporter is developing towards long distance and large transport capacity. The tensioning device plays an important role in ensuring its normal operation. There are some advantages for hydraulic tension such as working smoothly & reliably, well-protected, easy to adjust, etc., it can adapt to a variety of working conditions and different models, and it is a more advanced and ideal way of tensions which access to more applications.
For the belt conveyor, the tension of its belt directly affects the efficiency of conveying materials, what kind of tension can be achieved higher efficiency during the continuous transmission?
The most appropriate tension must meet the following conditions:
1. Keep the minimum resistance;
2. Take into account the service life of the conveyor belting
3. Maintain working stability
There will be the appropriate tension for conveying belt equipment while only meets at least three points above requirements.
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