Two factors that affect the efficiency of screening


1.The physical properties of the material screened by the vibrating screen include the particle size composition, humidity, mud content, and shape of the particles.
When the fines content is large, the productivity of the vibration sieve is also large.
When the humidity of the material is large, the screening efficiency will be reduced. However, the larger the mesh size, the smaller the effect of moisture. Therefore, in order to improve the screening process for wet materials with large moisture content, the method of enlarging the mesh can be generally used, or wet screening can be used.
The material containing large amount of mud (when the sludge content is greater than 8%), it should be used wet screening, or pre-washing.
2.The nature of the surface and structural parameters of the sieve mesh of vibrating screening machine.
The vibration separator machine makes vertical movement of the material particles and the sieve surface, so the screening efficiency is high and the production capacity is large. Gyratory vibrating sieve, which the relative motion of the material particles and the sieve surface moves in parallel, has low screening efficiency and the production capacity.
For a given material, the productivity of the screen and the screening efficiency are determined by the mesh size of the sieve. The productivity depends on the width of the sieve surface, and the wider the sieve is, the higher in productivity; the screen efficiency depends on the length of the sieve surface, and the long the sieve surface is, the higher the screen efficiency.

In general, the length-width ratio ratio of the vibrating sieve machine screen surface is 2. The larger the effective area of the screen (that is, the ratio of the mesh size area and the entire screen area), the higher the productivity per unit area of the screen surface and the screening efficiency; the larger the mesh size is, the larger the productivity of the unit screen surface, the higher the screening efficiency.
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