Types of Conveying Angle for Scraper Conveyor


Scraper Conveyor is the equipment which can transport bulk materials by means of moving chains continuously in long distance in a closed rectangular casing. It can transports materials either horizontally or vertically.
The hauling mechanism of buried scraper conveyor is scraper chain, and the load mechanism is conveyor casings. The sprocket wheel is rotating driven by motor when the scraper chain conveyor works, then scraper chain moves in the casings.
scraper conveyor produced by Henan PK machinery mining industry.
It should be based on foundation size, capacity and transportation angle at work site when selecting scraper conveyor model. The conveyor is divided into three models: MS type, MC type and MZ type.
1.MS-type grain scraper conveyor and horizontal scraper conveyor are usually used for horizontal and inclined (<30°)transmission on the condition that materials density is less than or equal to 2.5t/m3 .it will hinder the chain when bulk materials is larger than this proportion. Generally the materials conveying temperature is 120 ℃, hot materials conveying temperature is 100-450 ℃, instantaneous materials temperature is allowed to reach to 800 ℃.
scraper conveyor produced by Henan PK machinery mining industry.
2.MC-type incline scraper conveyor is often conveying obliquely (>30°) and vertically, its conveying capacity is bigger than vertical screw conveyor. The cost is also higher but the operation is relatively stable. Different capacity and different bulk materials density would have a big difference in the shape style as well. The materials temperature is not more than 180 ℃ for this type buried scraper chain conveyor as a general rule.
3.MZ-type scraper conveyor is usually applied at 90 ° and 60 ° installation angle in a Z-type shape. It is suitable for complicated bending transportation. In order to match up with the hopper, silo, feed slip and discharge chute which are connected to scraper conveyor, its slip angle should be larger than materials angle of repose. The slip angle is always around 55° - 60° so that the materials can pass smoothly.
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