Ultrasonic Generator Usage Precautions of Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen


During sieving process of fine powder, ultrasonic vibrating screen is generally chosen to achieve high screening accuracy. Compared with the common vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating screen is equipped with one set of ultrasonic generator. Ultrasonic generator consists of ultrasonic power supply and ultrasonic transducer. Ultrasonic power supply transforms low-frequency current into high-frequency current, which makes the material sieved by using high-frequency vibration.

ultrasonic vibratinig screen

Ultrasonic generator is the most important components of ultrasonic vibrating screen. In order to ensure normal operation of vibrating screen, the following maintenance measures should be taken.

1. To avoid the overload of the current or the damage of the screen frame and the transducer, please do not turn on the power when the mesh is not stretched.

2. Don't make the dust enter the ultrasonic transducer in the working condition.

3. Ensure supply voltage stability.

4. Ultrasonic vibrating screen should be working under a rated current.

5.Ultrasonic power supply should match with the ultrasonic transducer.

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