Ultrasonic Vibrating Screen Troubleshooting


Following article will introduce ultrasonic vibrating screen troubleshooting:
1. Ultrasonic power supply does not work: check the connection cable is connected or not, ultrasonic power switch is open or not;
2. Transducer failure: check the transducer and ultrasonic power cable is tightened or not, check the ultrasonic vibration screen sieve mesh is connected with the transducer probe firmly or not;
3. Transducer overheating:after overheating in the transducer probe transducer after a period of operation, should immediately stop check the transducer and the screen contact part is tightened, the transducer probe is part of a material residue, if found should immediately stop tightening or cleaning the probe of residue transducer;
4. Not enough amplitude: after the exclusion of motor problems, check whether the ultrasonic power supply has been adjust with a corresponding power; whether there is damage such as ultrasonic transducer. The output power decreases please follow instructions or contact the supplier of vibrating screen adjustment; if transducer damage is found, please contact the supplier for replacement.
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