Unique design of Plate chain bucket elevator I


Plate chain bucket elevator using self-flow feeding, gravity discharging. High efficiency bucket elevator is designed with double channel in order to meet the market needs of large capacity and high lifting height. This kind of bucket elevator includes belt type and link chain type.The chain is made of high-quality alloy steel plate chain, which is wear-resistant and reliable. while the EP belt or steel cord belt can be chosen from,with good toughness and high strength.
This bucket elevating machine is suitable for vertical conveying powder, granule, small bulks and other abrasive and non-abrasive materials, whose temperature below 250 °C, such as: raw materials, cement, coal, limestone, dry clay, etc. .The chain bucket elevator has many specifications, wide range of elevating, and large capacity, low energy consumption, it can be replaced other types of elevators gradually; this elevator uses fully enclosed casings, low chain speed, and almost no back material, so it has less power loss, low noise and long life.
Wide range of elevating materials: Chain bucket elevator is applicable to wide range of the types, characteristics and block of the materials; it can convey not only the ordinary materials, such as powder, granular and bulk, but also the material with strong grinding.
Large transport capacity: Chain bucket hoisting equipment has a variety of specifications, range of the capacity is 15 ~ 800m³ / h.
Small drive power: the plate chain hopper elevator takes the inflow feeding, gravity discharging, and adapts intensive layout of large-capacity hoppers, to conveying large amount. During material lifting, there is almost no material backing, so the drive power is small, the theoretical calculation of shaft power is about 25% to 45% compared with endless chain bucket elevator.
Higher Lifting height: Chain bucket elevator has low chain speed, stable operation, and uses high-strength wear-resistant plate chain, so it can achieve a higher lifting height (up to 40m).
Reliability operating: the advanced design principle ensures the reliability of the whole machine; trouble-free operation time is more than 30,000 hours. Easy operation and maintenance, less wearing parts. 
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