Unique design of Plate chain bucket elevator II


This article continues to introduce unique design of plate chain bucket elevator:
Smaller frame sizes: Compared with other elevators with equivalent capacity, the plate chain bucket elevator has a small structural size.
High precision machining: the casings have good rigidity, beautiful appearance after folding and welding. It has good sealing and less environmental pollution.
Long service life: The plate chain bucket lifter adopts the self-flow feeding, the extrusion and collision rarely happens among the materials, and the design of the machine ensures that it will not spill when feeding, lifting and unloading, thus preventing the particles wear; Uses the high strength wear-resistant plate chain, extend service life of the chain and bucket.
Special design of the plate chain bucket elevator working parts:
1. The upper section: the installation of the track (double row) prevent the chain swing; backstop to prevent the hopper backing and material plugging the lower casing; discharge port equipped with a rubber plate to prevent material backing.
2. The middle casings: part of the middle section with rails (double row section), to prevent the chain swing when working; part of the intermediate section with inspect doors for maintenance.
3. The lower section: take-up device is installed, spring take-up or weight-balanceed take-up.
4. The upper and lower sprockets adopt ZG310-570 material, the whole quenched and tempered HB229-269, tooth surface quenching HRC40 ~ 48.
5. Plate chain: Chain plate is made of 45 # steel, HRC36 ~ 42.
Dust free structure- The bucket elevator machine is designed to enclosed type, which can reduce environment and powder leakage, as well as improve working environment
Four kinds buckets- Buckets with Q shallow type, H arc bottom type, zh middle deep bucket type, sh deep type can be chosen according to material features to fit various capacities
Superior Performance- Small driving power,rubber belt with high anti-tensile strength, long life span, high lifting height, large lifting yield, reliable operation
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