Unloading Analysis of The Wood Chip Bucket Elevator


The unloading of wood chip bucket elevator has a great influence on its performance and productivity,there are three ways for material removing from the buckets of the bucket elevator: centrifugal,gravity,and hybrid.Unloading mode depends on the speed, radius of the drive pulley(sprocket wheel) and the size of the hopper.In order to understand the relationship between them,weshould analyze the the material stress distribution in the hopper.
When the buckets do uniform rise motion in a straight line segment, materials only get the effect of gravity,after the hopper reel-up the driving pulley,hopper do movement around the rotary center(axis of driving pulley),material is in the function of gravity and centrifugal force.The action line of gravity force and centrifugal force go to one point with the vertical line of the wood chip bucket elevator pulley center,we call the point p.The distance between pole  and the center of rotary is called polar distance .
The size of the pole pitch h is only related with the speed of the driving pulley,and is not related with the material and the location of the material.When the rotating speed of driving pulley is constant,h is a constant value, the location of the point p is fixed.If the speed n increases,the polar distance h will decrease, the ratio of centrifugal force and gravity will increase;on the other hand,the polar distance h increases,the ratio of centrifugal force and gravity becomes small.The unloading mode can judge according to the size of the pole pitch h.
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