How to Select Screen Sieve of the Vibrating Screen?


The sieves are the main working parts for vibrating screen,when choosing sieves,it needs to meet some based demands:enough strength,biggest effective area,mesh holes are not easy to be blocked,etc.Please see the following selecting methods.
According to the material,the sieves can be divided into sieve plate,sieve cloth,slot screen plate,mesh wire cloth.
1.Sieve plate is one of the most solid sieve,it mainly used for large material screening.Based on the experience of general use of coal separating plant,if the mesh size is above 25mm,it should adopt screen plate,and the sieve plate opening rate is about 40%.
2.Compared with the screen plate,the soundness of screen cloth is worse than screen plate,it is usually used to screen the fine-grained materials.The common material for screen cloth is low carbon steel, it is only applicable for low- hardness materials.
3.Slot screen plate is widely used for coal dehydration, desliming and demedium, etc.
4.Mesh wire cloth is generally used in coal slime dehydration, commonly used materials are stainless steel, copper, brass, nylon and so on.