Ways to Reduce Scraper Conveyor Operation Failure


Scraper Chain is the key working part for scraper conveyor, most of conveyor failures are related to the running status of scraper and chain, the manifestation is scraper chain deformation or break.
The main cause of scraper chain deformation and break is chain overloading. So proper equipment model configuration, installation & commissioning, load operation can effectively avoid or reduce chain deformation and break.
Technical parameters of scraper chain
1.Proper Chain speed
2.Proper scraper chain structure
3.Loading capacity of scraper chain
4.Proper clearance between scraper and conveyor trough bottom plate
5.Scraper and chain construction material has certain strength
Proper equipment installation
1.Check whether the joints of scraper and chain can rotate flexibly before installation.
2.The head and tail pulleys must be installed on one centerline. The running direction of scraper and chain is in accordance with requirements. The correct mesh of pulleys and chain must be ensured.
3.Ensure the flat and level installation of rail.
4.Ensure the appropriate tension of scraper and chain.
Start-up and load operation requirement
After each start-up, the conveyor should be non-load operating for a period, then feed the conveyor continuously and uniformly after normal running.
Under normal circumstances, equipment shutdown with load is forbidden. Make sure the material inside conveyor trough is empty before shutdown.
Take corresponding security protection measures, and strengthen routine maintenance and management of buried scraper conveyor.
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