What are the conditions for the belting of bucket elevator


The belting is an important component of the belt bucket elevator machine ; the delivery work cannot be completed if less it. The load received on the conveying belt during the operation of the elevator bucket equipment is very complex , therefore, the choice of conveying belt should take all the problems such as: the location of the elevator equipment, the arrangement of the circuit, the material to be transported and the conditions of using of the equipment into account.

It is well known that reasonably chosen and designed of the conveying belts is of great concern, not only to the completion of the delivery task, but also to the design of the mechanical components of the pulleys and the drive units. There should be the following requirements of the good conveying belts for bucket elevating machine:
First of all, the conveying belt should have sufficient tensile strength and elastic modulus, and have a good composite support and sufficient width, so that the belt can meet the transporting requirements of different materials.
Secondly, the conveying belt should have a good flexibility, so that it can be bending around the pulleys of the bucket lifter in the length. Also the coated rubber of the belt bearing surface should withstand the impact of the conveying objects, and can recover flexibility quickly .There should be sufficient friction between the coated rubber of the belt and the drive pulley during the transmission, that could get the highest work efficiency while cost the minimum working power.
Again, there is a need for good adhesion between the various components of the conveying belt and it cannot be delaminated. And the belt should not only have better tear resistant performance, but also have better damage resistant.

The conveying belt should be selected according to the above requirements, which can play its role better and will obtain greater working efficiency. At the same time, the situation of stress received on the pulley is more complex in the process of lifting the material, there will be relatively high requirements for pulley bearings, it often should use the radial ball bearing, but in recent years, the design and production of the bucket lifting equipment are often selected the bearings which with a large clearance to reduce resistance, reduce manufacturing costs, but also hope to improve the bearing working conditions.
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