What Are the Process Requirements of Docking Vertical Screw Conveyor?


Docking vertical screw conveyor are often used to transfer material for two or more than two screw conveyors material.According to the conveying process, the connection process measures are as follows:
1.When the screw feeder conveyors are the same model, according to the direction of the material handling, we can adjust the connection conveyor revolution, from low to high.
2.If the type of screw conveyor is different,we can adjust the conveyor from small to large.
3.When you place an order of the device,you can specify on the purchase order: no tail, only request to add a hanging close to the tail tile.
4.Considering the vertical conveying material extrusion, the connection place plus one set of gray box, cushion material extrusion, prevent run the material.
5.If workshop space is capacious, we also can use oblique docking of screw conveyor, its technical requirement is upward.
Usually, the cement and slurry mostly adopt screw conveyor transporting.So the vertical screw conveyor docking will also be able to successfully complete the new and old production line connection in the case of not affecting the normal production of old line,will achieve good economic benefits.
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