What is applicable material for drum screen


Drum unit is mounted on the rack frame with inclination. The gearmotor is connected with drum unit by coupling device, the drive unit rotates around the axis. When the material enters into the drum cylinder unit, due to tilting and rotating of drum unit, causing the material on the screen surface turnover and rolling, the qualified materials (undersized products) will be discharged from the outlet at the bottom of the drum, the unqualified materials (oversize products) will be discharged through the outlet. By reasons of material turnover and rolling inside the drum, material stuck in the sieve can be rebounced to prevent clogging.
Since there is no mandatory exciting force, so in the specific gravity of the lighter materials, it is unsuitable for use of drum sieve extension, the irregular shape of the material easy to plug the screen, the most important is the screening effect is not good, then what material is suitable to the roller screen?
Trommel screen is also commonly referred to is the roller sand sieving machine, sand drum sieve, because it is often used in the sandpit, sand factory and other industries, the general mesh is more common in more than 5mm, the finest don't less than 3mm, the small mesh net wire size becomes finer, service life is short, and the trommel sieve in fine powder of the screening efficiency is not very good.
Except for sand and gravel, drum sieve is a common use is for granular material screening, such as fertilizer, ceramic, and so on.
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