What should we do if the screw conveyor does not work?


The screw conveyor machine is one universalconveying equipment, it could be divided into a shaft screw conveyor and a shaft less screw conveyor according to the form of transportation; and also it could be divided into U-type screw conveyor and tube  crew conveyor when according to the external form. The screw conveyor withshaft is suitable for conveying nostick dry powder materials and small particle materials, while the screw conveyor without shaft is suitable for conveying viscous    materialsand thematerials which are easily twining. The working principle of the spiral conveyorsystemis to push the material delivery forwardin the casings through the rotation of the spiral bladeswhich driven by theactuating device.

Thereis asimple structure for the auger conveyor machine, but it could also cause serious accidentsif we use it improperly. Some of the screw conveyor machine does not work suddenlyduring its operation, and now we want to talk about the reasons among the equipment, and hope it could help you a little.
There will be about three factors for the reason why the screw shaft of the screw conveyor is stopped suddenly, which for the existence of the equipment itself and also the human factor:
The first one is thesealing of the screw equipment is not good enough, especially in the delivery of the powder material, the materials will go into the bearingthrough the gaps, it will made the bearing stuck or even damaged;
The second is maybethe feeding grain size of the materials is too large, itcan notgothrough the middle of the hanging bearingnormally, that means the resistance atthe middle section of the spiral conveying machinewill be increased abnormally, the loadof themotor will also be increased accordingly, finally it will leading to themachine halt of screw conveyordirectly;
At the same time, the reducer for the screw helix conveyorequipmentis alsoan important factor, there will be the bearing burned when use poor quality gear box or the gear box does not meet the requiredspecifications.

What should we do when it does not work after understand why the auger transporting conveyor system is stoprunning?
When the device is turned on, if there is abnormal noise for the conveyor machine, constant vibration of the motor and the gear box, and the temperature of the bearing area has a sharp increase, we should stop the operation of the equipment immediately.
Then we should check the whole body of the screw feeder conveyor machine toinspectthe installation aboutthecenter lineofthe screw shaft, the motor fixed components, thefixing bolts at the reducer, to see if there is any deviation of these parts, while also checking whetherthe bearing of the gear box is burned or not. Find the problems, solve the problemstimely, and weshouldadjust again and fullyinstallthe parts where there are problems, so that to ensure the safe operation of thescrew feeding equipment.
Ingeneral, there are just two cases among the reasons for stop running of screw conveyor, their own problems ofthe equipment itselfand the human factorwhenfeeding materials. The operation of the screw conveyor must be smooth as long as the purchase of trustworthy equipment and good maintenance of the staff.
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