Why bucket elevator produce noise I


Most of the materials that are lifted by vertical bucket elevator are dry powder or small lump particles. Therefore, material spilled or dust will inevitably appear, which will easily cause noise of bucket elevator operation. Today we are going to analyze the cause of the noise in the bucket elevator.
The abnormal noise of the head wheel and bottom wheel of a bucket elevator is due to poor sealing or lubrication, resulting in damage to the bearing, which is made from the bearing seat. Check the head wheel and bottom wheel bearing seriously, if the bearing has been damaged, it should be replaced in time.
The fault of the bearing of the bucket elevator machine is mostly caused by the falling of the material during the operation. Hopper charging too much material in the process of ascension from the hopper spilled out falls on the bearing, resulting in bearing lock, inflexible operation etc.. Solution: replace the bearing in time, and clean the material that is sprinkled on the bearing parts.
The main reason for the abnormal noise in the barrel of a chain bucket elevator is the dropping, damage or loosening of the hopper. In this case, stop immediately, carefully check and repair the hopper, which is broken, damaged or loosened. In daily work, the bucket elevator works 500 hours each time. It checks whether the hopper is in good condition, whether the hopper and the hopper belt are firmly connected, so as to ensure the stability of the hopper. A fence is installed at the unloading port of the bucket elevator to prevent the loss of the hopper and damage to other equipment.
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