Why bucket elevator produce noise II


The bucket chain and shell collision noise. When the chain bucket hoist is used for a long time, the chain will pull to a certain extent, which will cause the chain to loose. When the hoist is swaying around the chain during the operation, the hopper will collide with the chassis easily. The solution is to adjust the tightening device to make the chain sloshing around 3 millimeters.
The hopper of the bucket elevator falls into the body after the bucket falls off. In the operation of the bucket elevator, the noise is generated by collision with other components. The solution is to check whether the hopper has shedding or loosening, and changing or fastening in time. When the bucket elevator runs for a long time, the loss of fuel consumption in the reducer is aggravated and the noise is produced without attention. The solution is to check and add lubricating oil regularly.
Bucket type lifting elevator guide plate and the hopper collide machine, because the distance is the head wheel and the guide plate is too small, the hopper run constantly in the process of collision and friction. If the situation is not paid attention to for a long time, the hopper is very easy to damage and fall off. The solution is to adjust the position of the guide plate and increase the distance. There is a material between the guide plate and the hopper, which will lead to the premature wear of the guide plate, and the noise is produced by constant friction during the operation. The solution is to enlarge the input angle of the material in the frame and increase the space of the material.
The noise of bucket shaft hoist shaft is different when the two axle is not concentric. The abnormal noise generated by the coupling between the motor's speed reducer at the high speed side of the driving device or the coupling with the brake wheel is also accompanied by the same vibration with the motor's rotational frequency. When this noise occurs, the position of the motor reducer should be adjusted in time in order to avoid the breakage of the input shaft of the reducer.
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