Why select the Ultrasonic vibrating screen instead of common vibrating screen ?


1.Application difference.
The common vibrating screen can be used for separating multiple kinds powder material with good screening efficiency. But when separating SIC,brown aluminium oxide,white corundum and cobalt powder,etc, the capacity and screening efficiency can not achieve the requirements. Then the ultrasonic vibrating screen can reach the technical requirements.Since ultrasonic vibrating screen are matched with ultrasonic transducer, which can transfer the electric energy with220 V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz to high frequency electric energy with 18KHz. Then input the ultrasonic transducer energy and make the high frequency electric energy change to mechanical vibrating. This will solve the friction and blocking issues while separating the fine material, and improve the screening efficiency and capacity. And meanwhile the self-cleaning ability also get promoted well.

ultrasonic vibrating screen
2. The size of the mesh difference.
When using the common vibrating screen , there would be blocking, material no flowing problems while screening the material of the particle size more than 300 meshes. But the ultrasonic vibrating screen equipment matching with ultrasonic transducer can excite high efficiency vibrating power on the screen mesh surface. This can make the light fine material get through the screen mesh by the high frequency vibrating energy.
3. Static problem.
The material would generate static and adheres to the screen mesh, which makes it difficult to separate the material. However the ultrasonic vibrating sieve with a transducer can solve this problem perfectly.
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