Why the Abrasion of Screw Blade at Outlet of Tube Screw Conveyor is More Serious than that at Inlet


Tube screw conveyor is continuous conveying equipment which uses screw blade makes materials do axial movement and push materials forward simultaneously. Tube screw conveyor can transport powdery or granular materials horizontally and aslant which the maximum slope angle is less than or equal to 20°.
Tube screw conveyor is firm and durable. We always increase thickness of its screw shaft to ensure that it will not be twisted off during operation, while it is more wear proof and durable by increasing thickness of spiral blade, so the conveyor is suitable for conveying the mixtures. For tube screw conveyor, abrasion of screw blade is different from the ordinary contact wear, it is mainly distributed on the edge of blade, and the farther it’s away from the inner edge of blade , the more serious the abrasion is.
tube screw conveyor produced by Henan pkmachinery industry.
When conveying materials by tube screw conveyor, it is extruded by blade; the component loading force is pressed against the cantilever beam compared with the equal cross-section conveyor. The farther away from the drive shaft is, the greater force and the greater deformation are, the cracks resulting from formation of holes are also more, the greater abrasion of blade it bears, consequently, abrasion of blade outer edge is much greater than its inner edge. Blade abrasion at outlet is greater than that of inlet, which indicates that the materials has a greater sliding friction on the blade at outlet, and the axial force for blade is larger. So abrasion of blade at outlet is more serious than that at inlet.
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