Working Principle and Application Range of Circular Vibrating Screen


 1. Working Principle of Circular Vibrating Screen
1) Circular vibrating screen is one kind of inertia screening equipment, which screen box has approximate circular motion trace . According to vibration exciter of the structure types , circular vibrating screen has two kinds, YA series axis eccentric vibrating screen and YK series block eccentric vibrating screen.
   Working Principle and Application Range of Circular Vibrating Screen
   2) The vibration force generated from vibration source of circular vibrating screen that one   kind of inertia force, which rotates      around fixed axis and has regular changing direction. It is centrifugal force caused by the rotation of eccentric mass around         fixed axis in essence. After startup of circular vibrating screen, screen box together with vibration exciter do directional and        jumping motion. Meanwhile, undersize materials fall onto the next layer, oversize materials continuous jumping movement    and finally are discharged from the outlet, the screening process finished . According to the structural features and working  principle of circular vibrating screen, the screening surface is generally inclination arrangement (inclination angle is 15 ~ 25  degrees).
3) In the light of structural features and working principle of circular vibrating screen, the gyratory direction of vibration exciter has two kinds, rotating along or against the material flow direction. When vibration exciter rotates along material flow direction, the operating speed of material flow is up, which can increase the capacity, but the screening efficiency is declined. On the contrary, when vibration exciter rotates against material flow direction, the operating speed is reduced, which will cause decreased production capacity but higher screening efficiency.
Working Principle and Application Range of Circular Vibrating Screen

2. Application Range of Circular Vibrating Screen
Circular vibrating screen is widely used for dry and wet sieving of various granulate and small lumpy loose solid materials ,such as mining, power, building material, light and chemical industries, etc.

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