The Working Principle and Application Range of Gyratory Screen


About gyratory screen:Since 1999,according to the principle of ROTEX system, our factory began to research, develop and optimally design our gyratory screen.

Working principle of gyratory screen: Using eccentric mechanism makes the screen surface do reciprocating swing motion at a constant speed, the longer contact time of materials and screen mesh surface is, the larger capacity screening is and the higher screening precision is.

The Working Principle and Application Range of Gyratory Screen

At the inlet, gyratory screen spreads the materials across the full width of the screen cloth under the action of circular motion, stratifying the materials, aggressively conveys materials forward. Then the smaller size materials quickly go through the screen mesh, and the larger size materials go towards the discharge end. The gyratory Reciprocating Motion gradually diminishes along the length of the machine to an elliptical path. Since there is no agitation and vertical jump, the smaller particles is close to the screen surface and ready to go through the screen mesh.

At the discharge end, the screen body movement finally becomes a near straight line motion, making the particles whose size is larger than the screen hole size move toward the discharge end, until it discharges, completing the whole sieving materials. In the process of screening, the continuous bouncing balls prevent jamming mesh materials effectively, ensuring high efficiency screening, the balance block of transmission case make the inertial force of all directions to balance in the process of Sieve movement in order to to ensure the stability of the sieve movement.

The Working Principle and Application Range of Gyratory Screen

Application Range of gyratory screene: gyratory screen is widely used in chemical,fertilizer,metallurgical,ceramsite,refractory materials,grain, food, abrasives, mining and other industries in the sizing process of material accurate screening.

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