Working Principle and Characteristics & Advantages of Circular Vibrating Screen


1. Introduction and application of circular vibrating screen

Working Principle and Characteristics & Advantages of Circular Vibrating Screen

Circular vibrating screen is a kind of multi-layer, high efficiency and new type vibrating screen, which trajectory motion is circular. applicable primarily to coal dressing, ore dressing, building materials, electric power and chemical industries, etc.

2. Working principle of circular vibrating screen

1) The motion trajectory of screen box for circular vibrating screen is roundness or ellipse.

2) The motion source of circular vibrating screen is from electromotor put in motion exciter
And it adopt inertial exciting implement produces vibration.

3) The circular vibrating screen act as single shaft vibrator. the main shaft fixed on screen box rotates at high speed drive by electric motor, and the eccentric block installed on principal axis follow votary movement.

4) The generated centrifugal inertia force makes screen box produce an appropriate circular
trace of vibration.

3. Characteristics and advantages of circular vibrating screen

1) Huge handling capacity and efficiency of screening.

2) The vibrator adopt bearing diluted oil lubrication and external eccentric block structure. It has t big exciting force, small bearing load, low temperature and low noise, etc. The bearing temperature rise should be less than 35℃.

3) The vibrator integral disassembly and assembly, which convenience placement and maintenance, greatly shortening overhaul period. It only takes about one to two hours to replace vibrator。
Working Principle and Characteristics & Advantages of Circular Vibrating Screen

4) The side plate of screen box is processed by cold work of entire board, which no welding, high strength and long service life. The beam and side plates are shear high-strength bolt connection no beam easy to replace.

5) The screen body uses rubber springs for shock absorbing. The metal spring ratio ,it has advantages which is low noise, long service life, the vibration zone is stable ,low load of each equipment supporting point, etc.

6) The connection between electric and vibration exciter is flexible coupling, which has the features of long service life and small impact on motor, etc.

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