Working principle of tumbler vibrating screen


Tumbler swing screen is a new type of screening equipment, which can be used for screening strip, block, irregular shape and other materials. Its output is 5-10 times higher than that of ordinary equipment, and the screening accuracy is up to 95%. It can be widely used in food, medicine, chemical industry, metal metallurgy and other industries. Now we introduce the working principle for you.
1. The basic rotation imitates human manual screening action, the swing range is adjustable from 25-40mm, and the swing frequency is adjustable from 120-360 times / minute;
2. The residence time of screening materials in the screen machine can be adjusted through the warp and tangential angle of the screen machine;
3. The rolling motion of the material on the net surface makes the material evenly distributed on the net surface from the center to the edge. Thus, it propagates to the axial direction in a gyratory motion. The whole screening process is completed by fine particles;
4. The horizontal and vertical accelerations increase with the movement of particles, and the particles close to the mesh are separated successfully. The larger particles are sent to the outlet, where the flow rate is controlled by an adjustable guide device, which is another factor to control the residence time of materials;
5. The process is repeated between each sieve layer.
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