The Development Trend of Belt Conveyor


1. Larger scale
It includes several aspects, such as large transmission capacity and single equipment with long length .Now the world's longest length of hydraulic conveying equipment is more than four hundred kilometers, the longest length of belt conveyor is almost 15 km, and there is also a belt conveyor which can connect two cities together. The world's major developed countries are also researching and studying conveyors with long distance and large capacity of continuous conveying ability structure.

2.Higher performance and better functions
Working in the extreme temperature environment, or the working environment which is corrosive and radioactive, and the belt conveyor can carry inflammable,explosive,high temperature and viscous material.

3. Enable the conveyor to meet the requirements of the automatic control.

conveyor belt development trend
4. Reduce the consumption of energy to the greatest extent, calculation standards will be based on 1 ton materials transfer the energy dissipations of 1 km, this is one of the most important development trend in the future.

5.Reduce pollution of belt conveyor during operation to reach the goal of protecting the ecological environment.

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