2015 Winter Games was Held at PK Machinery


Last week, for the purpose of arousing the staff’s enthusiasm effectively and enriching their lives, PK Machinery has carried out winter games. Meanwhile, this winter games have achieved great success.

In the beginning, the leader of our PK Machinery gave a speech to present the spirit of our company and explain activity rules, after that we started games competition. This winter games include 6 items which were tug-of-war contests, rope skipping, set shot, hold the ball race, across the “river” by touching the bricks and ride a bicycle slowly. All of us were involved in the winter games and the atmosphere during the games kept warm and high all the time. In the end of the winter games, we selected the winners of each game and awarded prizes for them. Through this winter games, we became a more united and stronger team.

pk basketball match
During our working time, we also have many activities like this. PK Machinery has done better and better to enrich our life and promote our company to develop better.

pk culture