8 Precautions of Linear Vibration Sieve Mesh Installation


1. It is complicated to install the linear vibration sieve mesh, normally please select thick diameter sieve mesh.
2.Make the width of the sieve mesh same with the net rack, while the length should be 50-70mm longer;
3. When installation, please strain the sieve mesh, the tension of the sieve mesh is an important factor to determine the screening efficiency;
4. When add bouncing ball, the sieving difficulty and linear vibrating screen mesh sizes should be considered;
5. If the two layer linear sieve material has a large proportion or the linear vibration screen mesh is high, should add the supporting in order to play a supporting role to reduce the pressure of the material on the sieve mesh, prolong the service life.
6. When install the press plate, pay attention to its smoothness, and lined with highly flexible sponge sealing strip to lock uniformly, because this is the key to prevent the occurrence of material mixing level and also an important factor affecting the service life of the screen sieve cloth.
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