Annual sports meeting was ended in a satisfactory way


On 31st December, the very last day of 2018, annual sports meeting was held at PK Machinery Company to welcome the arrival of New Year 2019, which brought tremendous pleasure and fun. The leadership, management as well as all employees took an active part in sports meeting and showed their passion,initiative, solidarity, cooperation and intelligence towards the sport games, all of us had a great fun and terrific time.
As an opening performance, the square dancing which was full of energy and charm caught the eyes of audience and won a loud applause and hurrah from the audience, the beautiful dances pushed the opening ceremony to a new high.
After the square dancing, sports games were started. The sport games included 4 competition items: tug-of-war, running with the Pingpong ball, slow-bicycle and rope skipping.
To start with, the tug of war was divided into t men’ s team and women’ s team. The hemp rope was connected with the solidarity and friendship, transmitted the power, teamwork and persistence of both sides, followed by referee’s call of ‘Start’, participants pulled out all stops to seize the rope, in the meantime, the other people teared their throat out and shouted: Come on, come on, come on, hoping to give them strong backup.
After that, running with Pingpong ball, slow-bicycle,rope skipping were carries on one by one,all of us were immersed in the intense but joyful competition atmosphere, all the splendid moments were deeply embedded in our minds and recorded by the camera.
At last, the leadership awarded the prizes to the participants who won the first, also memorial gift to all employees.
To all of us, the sports games can not only force us to progress with our further potential ability, but also build up our body and brings physical and mental pleasure. What’s more, it increases the cohesion and team spirit, cultivate the courage, sense of responsibility and indomitable character, meet the challenges energetically.
Exactly as PK Machinery always does, we are ready to face the challenges and enhance ourselves as always, as a remarkable manufacturer of vibrating screen, screw conveyor, bucket elevator, scraper conveyor and belt conveyor, PK Machinery spares no effort to be the global leader of material handling equipment and your ideal partner that is second to one!
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