Pakistan’s Customer Paid a visit to PK’s Belt Conveyor System


Last week,the customer from Pakistan came to our company for a visit of our belt conveyor system.And three belt conveyor systems were needed for them to convey the finished product bags.

Pk machinery’s belt conveyor is widely used for transporting bulk materials or bagged goods, such as stone, sand, coal, concrete, cement, gravel, fertilizer, mineral ore, limestone, coke, sawdust, wood chip, bulk material, grain, corn flakes, carbon black, etc.,the advantages of which are enormous,for example,large conveying capacity,long conveying distance,low cost of operating and maintenance,stable performance and reliable operation,etc.
Pk machinery has a huge selections for the belt conveyor types,who has the fixed belt conveyor, portable belt conveyor,sidewall belt conveyor,shuttle conveyor and belt conveyor tripper,etc .And all of them have individual features.If you are intended to get more details about our products,please