Belt conveyor trippers for wooden chip were dispatched to Thailand


Last week(11th December),circular vibrating screen,belt conveyor with tripper designed for wooden chip production line were loaded to containers to be delivered from Qingdao Port to Bangkok PAT Port,all equipment will arrive with client after 10 days’ sailing.

circular vibrating screen qingdao port
Circular vibrating screen is used to separate wooden chip size larger than 50mm,and stone size smaller than 4mm.While the belt conveyor with tripper of width 1000mm and 650mm ,length 25m and 42m will be placed on the warehouse top in order to convey wooden chip to achieve the fully utilization of warehouse storage.

wooden chip circular vibrating screen
Besides,metal detector,permanent magnet and drum separator are also required by client,the permanent magnet which will be installed at the feeding end aiming at preventing materials from metals,metal detector and drum separator are used for the purpose of eliminating the metal in the production line.

tripper conveyor cars PAT port

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