Belt conveyor Take care!


Last September an American woman watched in horror as a luggage conveyor belt at a Spanish airport crushed her 5-month-old daughter. Now Nathania Terry, an accountant from Maryland, is suing the Netherlands-based company that made the luggage-handling system.
 Terry, 32, arrived at Alicante-Elche Airport on Sept. 18, 2013, with her two children and Canadian husband. The family was flown from London’s Gatwick airport and was on their way to a Mediterranean beach vacation.
The freak accident occurred when Terry was toting her baby Vashtin in a car seat and placed the carrier onto a stationary conveyor belt for oversize luggage to free up a hand to grab a stroller. The weight of the car seat caused the belt to suddenly turn on without any warning and Vashtin was thrown from her seat.
The child got stuck in a hole where two moving belts converged and died of head injuries. 
Airport staff told press at the time that the accident happened in a matter of seconds and the mother tried to save her child but she had no time to respond.
Although there is a big difference between the use of the industrial belt conveyor and airports luggage-handling system, yet we should always remember that Security problem of the belt conveyor is significant.
Regard security as the top priority.
With special designed in the head and tail of security guard and pull switch, once accures something unexpected. we can shut down the operation of belt coveyor anytime and anywehere.
Henan Pingyuan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has all kinds of belt conveyor
DTII Fixed Belt Conveyor is one kind of universal equipment that widely used in mining, coal, port, electrical plantation, construction site, chemical industry, petroleum and etc. The preferable bulk density of handling materials is 0.5 to 2.5 t/m3. 
DTII Fixed Belt Conveyor appropriate working temperature is about – 25 to 40 °C. Even in some particular environment, this fixed belt conveyor is able to install special precaution facility such as heat-resistant, cold-resistant, water-proof, anti-corrosive, and explosion-proof. The types of handling materials are depend on the length and width of the belt, trough angle and slope angle of the conveyor.
DJB/DJS Corrugated Wall-side Conveyor is designed with compactly structure, small volume and large inclination transportation as a more ideality facility. Command belt is substituted by corrugated wall-side, but the principles and structure are alike as others conveyor, therefore, the accessories are interchangeable. 
DJB/DJS Corrugated Wall-side Conveyor is a continuously conveying equipment for transporting loose bulk material such as coal, sand, stone, grain, etc and some powdered material, so it has a wide application, including mine, cement plant, chemical industry, metallurgy and agriculture, electric power, light industry, grain, port, shipping etc, when the material need to be conveyor at a big inclined angle. 
Specific gravity of bulk materials is 0.5-2.5 t/m3 can be conveyed in the working environment where the temperature is during -15 degree to 140 degree.
DY Portable belt conveyor has many advantages such as easy to use, good maneuverability. It mainly used for loading and unloading locations change frequently, such as ports, terminals, stations, coal yard, warehouses, farms, construction sites, aggregate field, used for short-distance transportation and loading and unloading of bulk or single piece weight as articles under 100 kg.  
portable belt conveyor
The conveyor into lift type and may not lift type two kinds, runs on electric roller conveyor belt-driven, the whole lift to maneuver.
KN Shuttle Conveyor usually installed on the top of the storehouse of raw material; it is mainly for stocking material or distributing material evenly. It is mainly used for dispersing material and storage for material, especially the material that need to discharge averagely in order to take full advantage of the space and then store more material. 
KN Shuttle Conveyor applied to many areas such as agriculture, power plant, raw material stocking, metallurgy industry etc. 
Shuttle Conveyor
XLP Tripper relates to certain new and useful improvement in belt tripper. As well known, it is adapted to discharge material from belt conveyor and could be moved longitudinally of belt conveyor in either direction to distribute said material by power derived from moving belt of the conveyor. People could reverse the direction of travel of the tripper carriage longitudinally of the belt conveyor or automatically. 
XLP Tripper
XLP Tripper is widely used for stocking raw material when fitted with belt conveyor in metallurgy industry, coal industry, cement industry and food industry etc, it could keep the same constant of thickness of accumulated material because it could move continually at a same speed when discharging material, so it could take full advantage of the space.