Belt type bucket elevator for silica sand was dispatched to Brisbane, Australia


 Last week, bucket elevator was finished production and dispatched to Brisbane port, Australia, this is a repeat order ordered by Australian client, we are sure the belt bucket elevator will perform will after installation and debugging on site.
This belt bucket elevator is configured to fit 18 tons capacity per hour for silica sand, bulk density 1.6t/m3, particle size 90 micros-300 micros. Bucket elevator inlet and outlet center distance is 13.411m, PK Engineer configured TD160, bucket width 160mm, with construction material stainless steel.
Belt bucket elevator is designed for transporting granular, powder and small block of grinding suction smaller dispersing shape material vertically. It adopts belt as the traction component and can reach up to max.40 meters . Capacity could be approx. 4~238m3/h. The vertical belt bucket elevator is widely used in mining , metallurgy , chemicals , power plant ,agriculture and quarry industries, etc.
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