Cement Screw Conveyor Spare Parts Introduction


Cement screw conveyor main spare parts include screw blade, special reducer, intermediate hanging bearing, tail bearing , flange plate, cardan joint.
Cold work hardening occurs on the surface of spiral blade during continuous cold rolling, so the hardness and wear resistance of the blade surface are improved, meanwhile it brings smooth surface smooth, high overall accuracy high and small resistance.
The universal joint uses the spherical device to realize the axial power output in different directions. It can be divided into rigid universal joint and flexible universal joint according to whether the universal joint has obvious elasticity in the torsional direction.
Cement screw feeder special reducer adopts new hard tooth surface, so it has the advantages of high precision, small size, light weight, strong bearing capacity, high transmission efficiency and easy installation.
The intermediate bearing mainly bears the radial load caused by the dead weight, deformation and rotation of the shaft. According to its basic structure and the friction form of the contact part with the shaft, the intermediate bearing is divided into sliding bearing and rolling bearing.
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