Common Classification of Bucket Elevator


1. TD series belt bucket elevator
The models are TD100, TD160, TD250, TD315, TD400, TD500, TD630, TD800, TD1000 and other models, among those models, TD160, TD250, TD315 are widely used models.
2. TH series ring chain bucket elevator
TH series bucket elevator is a kind of lifting equipment commonly used, the series bucket elevator use forging ring chain as the driving part, with strong mechanical strength. It is mainly used to hoist the powder, small particles and small material. It is often used in the promotion of a large proportion of the material.
3. NE series plate chain bucket elevator
NE series plate chain bucket elevator is a new type of bucket elevator, which uses the plate chain transmission, which is different from the old model TB series plate chain bucket elevator. NE series bucket elevator has a very high lift efficiency, according to the speed of the different models, they are also divided into NSE models and high-speed plate chain bucket elevator.
4. TB series plate chain bucket elevator
TB series bucket elevator is an old type of bucket elevator, the transmission part is plate chain drive, has now been replaced by the NE series bucket elevator.
5. TG series bucket elevator
TG series bucket elevator is a kind of reinforced belt bucket elevator, which is different from the TD series bucket elevator, TG series bucket elevator uses steel belt as the transmission belt, which has a stronger transmission capacity. This series bucket elevator has been applied to the grain transportation.
6. other types of bucket elevator
Common bucket elevator model as well as has HL series ring chain bucket elevator, GTD series bucket elevator, GTH series bucket elevator, etc., It is depending on the above models name and form.
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