Conveyor rollers were delivered to Australia


Last Friday, 40 pieces of conveyor roller ordered by Kuringai Soil Recycling P/L were delivered to Sydney, Australia by air.
This specification of roller is customized by our client, roller is 230mm long and 133mm in diameter, while the shaft is 260mm long and 25mm in diameter. Those roller were painted in Industrial grey.
As we all know, conveyor roller idler is an important component for belt conveyor, which is functioned to supported belt and reduce the belt running resistance, and make sure the verticality of the belt does not exceed a certain limit in order to ensure the smooth running of the belt. Conveyor roller is widely used in mining, electric power, metallurgy, chemical, food, construction, ports, docks and other sectors.
According to the purpose of the roller,conveyor roller can be divided into self-aligning roller, impact roller, trough roller, parallel roller. According to China national standards, roller diameter can be Ф76,Ф89,Ф108,Ф133,Ф159 etc. And we also accept customized roller specification in in large quantity.
PK Machinery owns an automatic roller production line, which includes automatic Cutting and Beveling Machine Tool for Steel Pipes, Automatic Machine Tools for Both Ends Hole Turning, Automatic CO2 Gas-shielded Dual-torch Auto-welding Machine, Milling Shaft End Centering And Beveling Machine Tool, Shaft Both End Flat and Groove Milling Machine, Automatic Machine Tool for Conveyor Roller Press Assembly. We are ready to receive your orders and provide conveyor roller idler in high performance as well as long life span.
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