Cover sealing performance improved method of screw conveyor auger


The screw conveyor auger covers the tile type and is clamped on the casing with the cover buckle. If it is necessary to improve the sealing performance, the user can add waterproof canvas on the cover and the casing. The feeding and discharging devices of the screw machine have feed inlets, square outlets, push-pull outlets, and rack-type discharge outlets. The user uses the site to open and weld on the body. Arrangement of the inlet and outlet positions should ensure that the distance from the material to the end of the mouth, while avoiding the material and hanging bearing oil cup, chassis flange, base, etc. colliding.
During the use of the screw conveyor feeder, it is necessary to check whether the parts are loose or not. If any loose parts are found, the machine must be shut down immediately for fastening; pay attention to whether the connecting bolts of the screw shaft are loose or fall off, and this phenomenon occurs immediately. During operation, it is forbidden to remove the cover to avoid work accidents; the screw conveyor bearing must also be regularly added and pay attention to the seal; the bearing should be adjusted or replaced in time to prevent the screw shaft from moving down, and the resistance of the screw conveyor increases or occurs. Broken shaft accident.
Screw conveyor machine drive reducer shall be lubricated in accordance with the instructions; the screw conveyor shall be filled with lithium-based grease in the bearing box at both ends, and shall be injected once every half-month for about 5 grams; when hanging bearings are used in M1 category, 80,000-type bearings shall be submerged in them. Melted the grease, used together with the grease to cool down, and re-installed after use; Suspension bearings when using the M2 category, each class of grease, each hanging bearing bushing about 5 grams of grease, high temperature materials should use ZN2 sodium lubrication Grease GB492-77 uses self-lubricated bearings and a small amount of grease should also be added. Flanged connections are used between the screw shafts to ensure the interchangeability of the connecting shafts and facilitate maintenance.
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