Daily Maintenance of Vibrating Screen


The purpose of the vibrating screen maintenance and overhaul is to know of the overall condition, to restore the sieve's ability by repairing and replacing the damaged and worn parts.

1. The daily maintenance of vibrating screen content which is including the surface of the screen cloth, especially the screen cloth surface fastening and the bolts of the machine should be timely tightened. Regularly clean the surface of the screen cloth, the patent leather parts should be repaired, rust removal and painted in time. For the bare processing surface should be coated with industrial vaseline to prevent rust.

Daily Maintenance of Vibrating Screen

2. Vibrating screen scheduled maintenance

Vibrating screen periodic maintenance, including weekly and monthly inspection.

(1) Vibrating screen weekly inspection: check the bolt fastening situation of the exciter, the screen surface, the support device and other parts , and they should be fastened when they have loosened. Check the service condition of the transmission and the locking of the bolts. Check the degree of tension of the v-belt, if necessary, give it an appropriate tension. When inspecting the screen mesh, we should pay special attention to see if the unbalanced weight on the flywheel is securely fixed. If it’s not fixed well, the vibrating screen unbalanced weight may be disengaged from the flywheel when the machine is running, resulting in an anti-safe accident.

Daily Maintenance of Vibrating Screen

(2)Vibrating screen monthly inspection: check the screen cloth surface wear pattern, if we found the obvious local wear and tear, we should take the necessary measures (like exchanging the position, etc.), and re-fasten the screen mesh surface. Check the entire screen frame, especially the main beam and all the beam weld conditions. And carefully check whether there is local cracks. Check all the bolts of the side board on the screen box. When the bolt and side plate exist a gap or loose,we need to replace the new bolt.

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