Deliver Conveyor Rainproof Cover to Madagascar


Last week, more than 600 pieces conveyor rainproof cover used for belt conveyor was delivered from Shanghai Port. These goods were ordered by our Madagascar customer, and they will be transported to the Toamasina port as anticipated one month.

According to the information offered by our customer, we provided three kinds of conveyor rainproof cover to them. One is matched with 800mm belt width conveyor, another is matched with 1000mm belt width, and the last one is matched with 1400mm belt width. Meanwhile, the quantities of conveyor rainproof conveyor are 490 pieces, 110 pieces, 40 pieces respectively. Also, they have the same thickness that is 0.8mm.

madagascar conveyor belt covers delivery
Conveyor rainproof cover is the important component in belt conveyor. It can not only protect materials, but also protect the belt conveyor. PK Machinery can provide conveyor rainproof cover with high quality. Welcome to your enquiry at any time! 

madagascar rainproof conveyors