Driving Sprocket Design of Buried Scraper Conveyor


The formation of a complete Scraper chain conveyor requires different components, and the different structural components play different roles. As one components of the buried scraper conveyor machine, what is the role of the drive sprocket?
Usually, the drive sprocket of the buried chain conveyor machine is concave gear type. Compared to the convex gear sprocket, it can be better applied to the round chain, and it can ensure that the chain does not fall after the chain is seriously worn and the chain segment is increased. This greatly lengthens the replacement cycle of the chain.
The corresponding chain tension adjustment adopts a worm gear deceleration self-locking tensioning mechanism, it is labor-saving and convenient operation, and ensures that both sides are tensioned synchronously. At the same time, the En-masse scraper conveyor uses the high-strength mineral ring chain, which could carry large capacity and wear resistance; due to the characteristics of the material diversion, the return chain and the scraper are separated from the material, it avoids the chain and scraper blocking because of the sudden increase of feeding amount and the material fills the housing.
In addition, heat-resistant embedded scraper conveyor also equipped with overload protection device, when the chain is overloaded, it will stop automatically and send an alarm signal. In order to reduce the abrasion of the scraper and chain of the buried scraper conveying equipment, the basalt cast stone is lining the interior of the scraper conveyor, which not only has a much longer life than the metal liner, but also has less frictional resistance than the metal substrate.
The buried drag chain conveyor is equipped with a broken chain alarm device, which can detect broken chain and dropped chain faults in time, stop automatically and send an alarm signal. Coupled with a unique backpack-type drive structure, it has not only better bearing-force, space-saving, and easy installation and overhaul.
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